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The following is a brief description of the tribute funds available with a description of what each one represents and how Temple family members may make contributions in memory or in honor of loved ones.  All contributions to these funds will be acknowledged in the Temple Bulletin and in writing.  All funds require a minimum of $5, unless indicated otherwise.

l The Rose and Moe Aranow Memorial Library Fund = Donations to this fund are used to purchase books for the Temple library.  These volumes, compromising and reference works, are available to Temple Members.  A Donation of at least $18.00 entitles the donor to a name plate in a book upon which the donor and the one honored or remembered is inscribed.    Minimum donation to the fund is $5.00.

l The Brick Fund l  This was the first fund established by the Temple.  The receipts are placed in the Temple Building Fund. Minimum donation is $6.00.

l The Cantor George Weinflash Music Fund l Contributions are used to enrich and enhance the Music programs and guest musicians. 

l The Sylvia and Hyman Rosenzweig Scholarship Fund l  This fund subsidizes promising young people who engage in programs to deepen their knowledge of Judaism. 

l The Phyllis & Morton Simon Prayer Book Fund l  Each donation of $36.00 is used to purchase a “Mishkan T’fillah” Prayerbook for the Sabbath or Festivals. l Bible Fund.   Each contribution of $36.00 is used to purchase a Bible/Torah Commentary.  A nameplate in the prayer book or Bible indicates the name of the donor and the individual being honored or remembered.

l The Garden and Beautification Fund l  Donations to this fund will be used to do plantings and maintain the beauty of our temple grounds.  This is a program supported through the help of our religious school children.

l Rabbi Louis Frishman Youth Endowment Fund l  In honor of Rabbi Louis Frishman’s unequaled dedication to our children and their future.  Provides funds for our Youth Programs and Youth Groups. 

l The Holocaust Torah Fund  l  Your contribution reaffirms our commitment to never forget our six million lost in the Holocaust, and provides us with funds needed to advance our educational programs. Minimum donation to the fund is $18.00 

l The Family Education Fund l  Jewish learning is not just for children! Jewish learning is for families. The purpose of the Family Education Fund is to support hands-on educational programs for families of all ages to enjoy. Family education programs at Temple Beth El are interactive and thought provoking. Programs cover a variety of topics and take place year-round. 

l The Torah Preservation Fund l  This fund will provide the means to evaluate the condition of our Torah scrolls on a timely basis and to provide the periodic care that is needed in order to preserve our Torah scrolls.  Minimum donation: $10.00

 l Nursery School Builder Fund l  This fund will provide additional support to help sponsor and enhance early childhood programming, update technology and bring Jewish music to children.  Any amount is appreciated. 

l Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund l Donations to this fund may be used at the discretion of the Rabbi. The Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund goes into a separate account managed directly by Rabbi Churgel. The monies in the fund are used solely at the discretion of the Rabbi to assist individual, educational and communal needs as the Rabbi shall deem necessary or appropriate.

l Cantor’s Discretionary Fund l Donations to this fund may be used at the discretion of our Cantor.  Some of the uses may be to add to the temple’s music library of books, records, tapes; and to offset the costs of temple music programs and to support national Jewish music organizations and other charitable organizations. 

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